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10 Major Link Building Mistakes That Every Blogger Should Avoid

Link Building is content professionals’ way to connect to other bloggers’ work. It’s a way to network. When you are all set on the front of technicalities of SEO, good customer review and experience and most importantly, consistent and excellent content, Link building can draw a lot of traffic to your blog/website. To give you a technical definition, link building is a process where a website acquires hyperlinks from other websites. It helps the crawling. Google uses web crawlers called Googlebot, which searches publicly available pages. It pores over web pages and follows the links they contain. They take this back to the Search Engine database. And this is how your website ranks on user’s search. Thus it helps your search engine optimization.

Now you know why link building is essential. Let’s get into what not to not-to-do while link building. These are ten link building mistakes that you should avoid.

Mistake #1. Not Knowing Your Niche

A niche provides relevance. A relevant area where you can understand where you can reach out. When there is relaying content at hand, all one needs is to interpret and find different ways and ideas for finding the best-linking partners. We need to understand the niche, a speciality, so that pitching becomes more accessible and mainstream and saves time to pick out the irrelevant sites. Example: If you have a blog on “how to make pancakes?”, the links building won’t be with an area about a machine’s hardware. As one has niche knowledge, it helps in a “wide net” approach in the sea of millions of links.

Mistake #2. Ignoring The Importance Of Keyword Research

Keywords are the real power for link building in today’s search marketing. You understand customer needs, the value put forth by the brand and help you get high-end links. There is something called Anchor text that is major for link building, and you can use it in different phases of the process. Keyword Research in the right direction can make you understand your assets and convert them into your permanent followers.

Mistake #3. Thinking That Content Is Enough To Attract Links

Content is the king. There is no debate about it. But with that, the most efficient types of content that attract links naturally are videos, graphics and authenticity in research of any topic. Pick any content marketing guide, the first step is unique content, but later there are tricks and tips to get the unique content into the market and reach the trending list. Therefore, your content needs to be well-researched, extensive, comprehensive, and a representation of that expertise. That’s the type of content that draws backlinks. Every business has its own set of topics and debates that can generate a lot of links.

Mistake #4. Building Links With Bad Practices And Cheating Techniques

Broken link building is a tactic that involves finding resources in your niche that are no longer alive. They are recreating a version of the content and reaching out to web admins who link to that content, asking them to replace the broken link with a link to your newly created resource. Also, please read the blog where we talk about broken links.

Inappropriate directory submissions are not acceptable, for they are lesser-known evils in the market. The next one is the practice of Cloaking. It is an unethical linking building practice; simply put, it is manipulative. It’s like painting a whole new and glittery picture of what a user might be experiencing to search engines, leading to pseudo advertisements. Another practice is surprising “Trading” links. SEO has been good practice for many years as it allows people behind websites to interact harmoniously. But it has been overused and abused over the years. When writing a guest post, it is also best to avoid other lousy SEO methods such as keyword stuffing and abusing anchor texts. To be sure, never rely on guest posting alone.

Mistake #5. Neglecting The Role Of Outreach In Link Building Efforts

When one experiences great ease while using a service, one-liners like “good service” and all that is there in terms of outreach. But it is not enough. If you don’t fit in those terms, you are less likely to reach out to different prospects. Link building efforts take time, and if these small things are taken care of, it can save a lot of time.
Role of Outreach is not a plan to directly promote your content to influential people who have an audience similar to yours.

Collaborations with other bloggers can give us the benefit.

Mistake #6. Not Stay Up To Date With The Latest Trends In Content Marketing

Trends are something that never goes completely out of style. Once what was known as bell-bottoms for men were now women’s palazzos. The same is with content marketing; SEO will never go out of trend. But are you up to date with the latest trends? Repurposing content has been a 2021 trend for content marketing and which needs due credit. If you have a link building strategy, make sure you follow blogs like ours to be updated with what’s working in the content world.

Mistake #7. Not Engaging With All the Channels Possible

Use all channels possible. All means ALL. You never know what audience clicks to your content. If you are just on Instagram and Facebook, don’t you think it’s a bit unfair with people on Snapchat, Youtube, Tumblr and other channels? Anyways, it’s more than just that. We got different age group audiences on every track. As a content marketer, you can also run an email marketing campaign. Guest and community posting on websites is an option. Don’t make a mistake by not using the potential that social media has.

Mistake #8. Not Assuming That Different Tools Work Differently For Different Industries

Let’s name different tools for link building in the market;

  • AHREFs
  • Majestic SEO
  • MozBar
  • Screaming Frog
  • BuzzSumo

Every tool has its speciality. Once you understand that, you can use what pleases you the most. Link prospecting, Backlink monitoring, Link processing and outreach are what some do, and some don’t. Be selective on what link building tools you want to use, as most marketing will be based on it. It is a process to follow; thus, make sure you have managed the budgeting as well.

Mistake #9. Getting Too Trusting Of Links You've Earned

Broken links on your website will hurt your rankings and user experience. There are numerous reasons why you should monitor all your existing backlinks. Maybe you can use any backlink analysis tool like Ubersuggest. The whole plan shows the relevant keywords, links and authority of sites where you can link. Good links aren’t easy to get, just like good people. But be assured that the harder it is to get a backlink, the more value it holds, just like that one best friend that we all have.

That’s because good links aren’t easy to get. Checking your links every week is an excellent practice as you don’t pressure yourself by overtrusting the links.

Mistake #10. Not Understanding How Google Updates

Google keeps updating, and there are experts to understand these updates. The algorithm is pretty intelligent, and it ideally doesn’t want to follow links and naturally earns, but SEO does break this rule. Google understands this, and it can be easily detected. So learn and keep yourself aware of what’s happening.

In conclusion, make sure you avoid these ten mistakes when link building. We hope that this gets your link building practices on track. If you were doing nay of these mistakes, do share with us the results you had. These experiences will help someone going through the same pattern.

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