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8 Best Chrome Extensions Trending In 2021

8 Best Chrome Extensions Trending In 2021

Finding the right digital marketing tool or best chrome extensions for clients’ projects is essential because it saves time and provides quality results within a few minutes. Time management is crucial when you are working on multiple projects.

Although there are many digital marketing tools, software, and extensions available in the market, it’s also a reality that most of them are out of the budget for many of us, or they don’t stand to our expectations.

Hence that’s why today we are sharing a list of the eight best chrome extensions that you can use as an entrepreneur, digital marketing freelancer, or even you can use to practice if you are a newbie to digital marketing.

What are extensions?

  • These are software programs which help the user customise their experience according to their needs.
  • They increase the functionality of your work.
  • People are paranoid due to safety issues. It can include malware and virus attacks. So, don’t stay fearful and avoid such a great feature.
  • Just remember you don’t over do it. Don’t use too many of them at once.

So let’s start exploring the world of digital marketing’s best chrome extensions.

1. Headline studio

Headline studio is one of the best chrome extensions that uses extensive data to analyze the headlines of our content and gives us better words and suggestions to improve our search engine optimization game.
Additionally, it lets us analyze our headlines to see if they perform well or are underperforming by comparing them with the competitor headlines.
Headline studio is a fantastic tool for digital marketers, content writers, and copywriters to stand out in the competition with their unique and robust skills by constantly improving their writing style to develop hot headlines for their self projects or clients.

2. Wordtune

While writing content for the articles, many content writers make the content clumsy and hard to read. Thus, here is where the word tune extension comes to their rescue. It is a chrome extension that uses AI technology to assess your projects and work so that you can create a clear and compelling writing style.
In the accessible version of word tune, you will be getting the below-mentioned features which are;

  • Suggestions – to improve the quality of your work.
  • Rewrites – to overcome the shortcomings within your content and to find new ways to rephrase your sentences.Whereas in the premium version of this extension, you get.
  • Word finder – to find different unique and compelling words which are relevant to what you have written.
  • Tone controllers – which lets you know whether your words define the accurate tone and control the tone of your message or text for better results.

3. Ahref SEO Toolbar

Having a good knowledge of SEO and understanding it to optimize the content for the google search engine is a vital skill that should be within a content marketer for best content writing skills. And now, with the help of the Ahref SEO toolbar, it has become super easy to do so. Things which you can do with this extension ;

  • You can check the title and description.
  • You can also check the canonical URL of your or other’s website.
  • Crawlability of the pages
  • Analysis of headers and subheaders
  • Word count checker to remove unnecessary content from the article.
  • Ahref SEO Toolbar is a handy tool to gather all the critical data on top ranking search results and is a comprehensive breakdown tool for SEO experts to add, change and exclude within their SEO strategy.

4. Keywords Everywhere

Finding a good keyword is essential and having the right keyword research tool is more important. With the keyword everywhere tool, the whole process of getting the right keyword will be much easier. 

With keywords everywhere, you can 

  •  Analyze the search volume of the keyword
  •  Cost per click information of them 
  •  Can do the competitor analysis for getting more relevant keywords.
  •  Trend analyzation

5. Cloud app

Ever came across some important idea during your research and didn’t put it on paper? Worry not. Cloup App extension is all you need. It will get you screen capture and screen recording of anything you are watching on your chrome. It is one of the best chrome extensions which can also let you share videos and images with a great ease.

6. Bulk URL Opener

When we are loaded with work online, we tend to open a lot of tabs at once. A bulk URL opener is an extension in which you can open multiple URLs simultaneously in different tabs. Put each URL in the line, or you can copy and paste the list of the URLs you want to open and then click on the ” open all” button. The extension will open all the URLs in different tabs or windows as per your settings.

7. Wayback Machine

Errors are one thing that sucks life out of your user experience. But what if we tell you that all your errors can be detected easily with one extension. Wayback Machine can detect the dead pages, 404s, DNS, and other web breakdowns with this extension. We often stumble upon PDFs and links that do not work anymore. It takes one single click to figure it out. Also archiving becomes easy with this extension.
In addition to this, you can view a site map of the websites based on the archive URL from those sites archived in the Wayback Machine.

8. Evernote Web Clipper

Do you forget what you read? What is the use if you cannot recall what you have read? Here we have just the thing you need.

This extension lets you save web pages, links, screenshots, ideas, and anything else within the digital view with its web clipper. 

You can quickly get back to the beautiful resources that force you to create a new magical thing without hustling to find those resources in your chrome history or yellow sticky pages.

We have suggested the best chrome extensions to get for your Chrome and make your daily tasks easy. They are not harmful for your speed but are sure shot ways to increase your efficiency.
Do comment on your thoughts on these. Try them and share your reviews here If you have any better options; share with us.


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