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10 Best WordPress Blog Themes For 2021

Are you a beginner at using WordPress? Are you confused and looking for free best WordPress themes? We understand that it is difficult to find and look for a good theme in so many choices, and it may take a lot of time.

There are some best WordPress themes for blogs that can be used by beginners and that can be customized and easy to use in this blog.

Let us have a glance at them.

1. Astra


If you are starting with a personal blog, business blog, portfolios, or even an e-commerce website, Astra is the WordPress Blog Theme for you. It gives some sites that are suitable for these blogs and can be accessed by beginners very easily. It is not semi-customizable but a fully customizable theme that is a good feature because you will get the full authority to make changes according to your needs. Also, it is a free theme and responds well.

It also helps open an online store if you want to start that in your blog, as it comes with built-in support of Woocommerce. You can post blogs in any language with this theme as this theme is translation-ready.

It is a lightweight theme and comes with many colour options and all the google fonts in it.

2. OceanWP


You might look at one thing: this theme is a premium WordPress Blog theme, but it is a free theme with all the features primarily found in the premium themes. Yes, you get all those features in this free theme, and that is why it is the most popular theme in all the articles. Almost everyone that is using the best WordPress themes might be familiar with this theme.

This theme has live customizer support and can be set up super easily with a lot of flexibility. Some of its highlighted features are that it gives multiple layout choices, total width pages, two navigation menus on the top, custom logo support, and a lot more.

Any website can opt for this theme, and it can be any site like blogs, magazines or website stores.

3. Go


Use this Go theme. With this WordPress Blog theme, you will get to use the design very minimally as it is a simple theme that comes with a welcome message and call-to-action buttons at the top, which is called a header.

This theme has a feature in which you can easily add a contact form by using any of the popular contact form plugins.

Go improves readability and gives the best user experience for the website created by using this theme. Featured images are managed very properly by this WordPress theme, and clean typography is being used in the website with this theme.

4. Blocksy

Blocks is a free WordPress theme that is fast because it has a built-in lazy loading system that helps the site be as fast as possible. It is a lightweight theme and is worked by many WordPress users, and this theme is made to be fully accessible with the WordPress block editor.

You can use this theme to create many sites like restaurants, blogs, e-commerce, and more because it has multiple page types with which the website can have a lot of pages. Popular plugins of page builders like to woo commerce integration, and Elementor works best with this theme, and blocks work wonders on all devices and are retina friendly.

5. Sydney


Just like Sydney is a beautiful state of Australia, this Sydney theme is also the powerful theme of WordPress, which you can use if the website is made for business or personal blogs. It gives many options to choose from, like a navigation menu that can be stuck on the website, a fullscreen slider, a logo upload option, and many more.

Elementor is the plugin with which this theme is managed very well, and an engaging front page can be made with this theme very quickly, just like Sydney is an engaged city of Australia.

6. Hueman


Human gives a lot of space to the website’s main page to make the content visible on the main page itself. This theme is one of the most popular WordPress Blog themes and is free with no charges. You can use it for making any website based on content, blog, or magazine as it has options like multi-column layout, custom headers, 2-column layout, full-width layout, and a lot more which are easily customizable.

This theme can be accessed on mobile very quickly and responds well.

7. Writee


As the name suggests, writing is a theme suitable for personal, adventure and travel blogs and is free of cost. It has a large slider on the website’s main page at the top, where you can feature images for the blogs.

It provides a lot of templates and widgets that you can customize with a lot more features.

8. Fascinate

Fascinate themes are basically for professional websites based on writers, freelancers, personal portfolios, lifestyle blogs, and fashion businesses.

It is a beautiful theme with fantastic typography, different shades of colour, and feature sliders that bless your eyes. It helps in customizing the posts with videos, audio, quotes, and images.

9. Mesmerize


Mesmerize as the name says; this theme will mesmerize your eyes with beautiful colours as it is a colourful WordPress theme.

It gives options for posting videos and slideshows in the background and an elegant overlay on the front page as it is very flexible, and you can use over 30 content sections to show the blogs’ posts. It comes with Woocommerce and works perfectly with Woocommerce.

10. CityLogic


As discussed above in OceanWp, it is a free theme but has the features that you get in premium articles < Citi Logic is another such app. This theme is also said to be a premium, like a free theme suitable for all the sites, including the small businesses.

You can also open online stores as Woo-commerce. You can use this theme. It has a modern design with a big header on the main page, a transparent navigation menu, a welcome message, and the main thing of the website is content. This theme has sliders that are already built-in and can be combined with other slider plugins also.

These are the ten themes that you can use without giving a second thought as we hand-picked them. But do the study properly about the theme that you pick and then take the decisions. These are some of the best WordPress themes for the blogs and websites because they have a lot of features that are already built-in. Different themes can be used for other websites and give a lot of customizations and, most notably, are free but give you the features of the premium themes.
What themes do you use for your website?

This brings us to the end of this article which just added value to your existing knowledge with ten best wordpress themes for blogs. Let us know so that we can see that theme and research about them. Also, if you find any of the articles useful and use them for your website, comment and tell us because we will be happy to bring more content for you.

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