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12 Content Writing Tools To Up Notch Your Content Game

Have you ever faced any difficulties while writing your content, or have you ever ran out of trendy topics? I can bet after reading this blog you can fly high with great content. I have gathered some excellent content writing tools that you can swear by to make your work easier and make your content superior.

Content writing can be a monotonous job as the competition in the outside world is relatively high. So writing content that is 100% original and that is SEO friendly too with proper research, editing, keywords, and the list goes on can be a difficult task. So to ease your work and to bring back a smile on your face we have gathered all the possible information  to level up your content game.

As a writer, the first thing we do is create content, in which we create a framework for the content that we have to write, and for that, we first choose a trending topic and do some research on it and then develop the content. Then, comes the editing part where we edit the content accordingly, add keywords to attract more traffic, make it more attractive for the readers to read, and then come the last thing, which is the technical part where we check the plagiarism of the content and do seo audit. Right? So we have made the best content writing tools list with two alternatives for every step of content development.

Now that you have the structure of the content ready let’s get going with the list of best tools for content writing.

top tools for generating best topic ideas

First of all you would need a good topic for your blog that can ultimately generate traffic for your website.

1. Hubspot blog topic generator

To be precise, this content writing tool provides five unique ideas for a specific set of 3 keywords or phrases, which are especially nouns. You can enter up to 3 characters in this field. This tool can suggest new ideas for you. If you want to change the results, go back and reinsert the keywords. Be specific when looking for accurate content. Just enter the keywords you want to focus on, and this tool will show you themes and titles. You can use it to schedule a series of blog posts or create a nice headline without having to spend too much time brainstorming.

2. Portent's content idea generator

Portent Headline Creator is one of the best content writing tools when it comes to creating eye-catching headlines. It helps in creating ideas that you can definitely use in blog posts. All you need to do is enter a keyword. If you don’t understand the suggested title, click the “Update” button next to the “Keyword” field. The “Refresh” button will generate different titles until you select one. If the title looks strange or you are not satisfied with it, you can also replace words in the generated title to fit your blog post perfectly.

top tools for researching content

Now, when you have found the right title for your blog, let’s do some research work for the blog to develop the content.

1. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo simplifies the whole content analysis method by pulling in fashionable posts supporting keywords. These results will then be sorted that will be consistent with their reach in social networks. This allows you to scrape the net for content ideas that spur your target audience’s interests providing resource-rich and valuable information on your company’s website, generally via a blog, on a homogenous basis. It helps as it provides a lot of resources involving your trade that web surfers could also be sorting out and so they’ll discover your website.

2. Reddit

Reddit is another online forum, and its large user base provides a wealth of content ideas. It is used as a discussion page, which contains specific subcommunities or “subreddits”, covering everything from content marketing to pipelines.

top tools for keyword research

When you have selected the topics and done the research work now comes the time for selection of right keywords for getting traffic on the website.

1. Ahref

It helps you in keyword research and what makes ahrefs different from other content writing tools is the detailed analysis which other sites lack and makes keyword research easy. You can search for 150 keyword ideas on it.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest, designed as a keyword research tool, can also help you develop content ideas that attract readers’ attention. It works by expanding the original keywords using the suggestions of Google Suggest and Google Ads Keyword Planner. In some cases, Ubersuggest results include ideal keywords that can be used as content titles from the beginning. Typically, these are long-tail keywords that contain three or more terms. To prioritize your search, click the small downward arrow next to the “Keyword” column. Ubersuggest provides almost unlimited searchable content ideas.

top tools for editing content

When you have done the whole research with keywords and written your content, it’s time for the editing process and how to make it more readable and attractive. So the following are the two content writing tools which can make your editing game top-notch.

1. Grammarly

It is an innovative writing system and descriptive linguistics checker. Grammarly says it corrects over 250 kinds of grammatical mistakes. It additionally covers discourse spelling errors and poor vocabulary usage. It suggests changes to get remarks on your writing quickly, makes your writing clean, and adjusts comments to your desired writing style. In Grammarly, you can have an option where you can set your writing goals, and then it provides you feedback on your set goals.

2. Hemmingway Editor

This content writing tool permits you to stick your content into the tool, and it’ll analyze it sentence by sentence. The purpose is to create your writing daring and clear. It’s a spellchecker, except for your style. It makes it optimistic that your reader will get deep in your message and understand it well, not buckle down and do your advanced prose. Hemingway is a writing tool that edits for clarity, syntax, tone, and flows as you write. Words, sentences, and paragraphs are highlighted in several colours to denote numerous problems you will need to correct. It additionally keeps a readability score within the right rail to assist you to keep your content clear and simple to read.

top tools for checking plagiarism

Now, the next thing you do after your blog is complete is that you check its plagiarism because when you take inspiration from other similar blogs, it is typical that you write some similar content, so for that, you should always check your article, and you can do it with the following tools.

1. Duplichecker

It helps detect the copied sentences and not tells the plagiarism percentage but shows a comparison between unique content and plagiarized content and tells us that from which particular website you have copied.

2. Pre-post SEO

It will give you a panel with plagiarism, unique content, exact phrase, and wording match percentage. It highlights the plagiarized text and provides you with a link to check the source of duplicate content. This content writing tool has 95 other devices, but its free plagiarism checker is one of the best free tools.

top tools for content auditing

The last but not the least step is auditing the content. It is a method of consistently reviewing all the content you’ve got on your site. This process permits you to see closely at your point where improvement is needed to ascertain well that you are meeting your business objectives or not. Once done correctly, you’ll be ready to realize any gaps in your content, so you’ll change your process to serve your supposed audience. This may enable you to improve your content and digital strategy so that your organization can do a lot effectively and with efficiency. Some of the best content audit tools are as under.

1. SEOptimer

This free review tool provides you with instant reports of severe errors on your site, as well as tips on how to improve your search rankings in a matter of seconds. Its Google Chrome extensions are easy to download and can correspond to web pages one-to-one so that they can provide better monitoring and analysis. After checking the website, you can save the report in PDF format for free and update the strategy and goals in real-time.

2. Moz Site Crawl Test

Moz runs its internet site crawler that aids site owners in checking their essential troubles, HTTP reputation codes, and lots more for excellent beneficial data. It even search for content material that is duplicate, mistakes in identifying tags, redirections of servers, and different elements which can decorate or preclude the capacity of the web pages to be crawled. When the evaluation is done, you’ll be getting an in-depth file via email. You can even get weekly timetable crawls and acquire notifications whilst there are any issues detected. You can also become aware of the troubles that can affect the overall performance of your SEO, thus impacting how nicely your site may be crawled. This crawler can scrape any public internet site at or below 1 million separate pages.

Summing Up

So, this was it for the content writing tools. Now do some research work, gather blog ideas, buckle up and start as rocket. I hope that this article helps you as we have put all our knowledge and experience in creating this blog, and if you are connected with this blog, please leave a comment below and let us know which tool was helpful for you.

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