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5 D’s Of Digital Marketing: Explained

The world is moving towards the latest technological trend and doing so in an innovative way. Advertising is much easier in today’s digital age. It’s easier to reach people directly by creating awareness and promoting products.

To trace down the history of digital marketing, it started in 1998. But if we want to understand the exact period when digital marketing came into the bigger picture, it is 2008. That is when the internet reached the masses. As we have entered 2021, everyone has access to the world’s knowledge by tapping on the screen. To dig deeper, it is a mixture of two components. The first one is technology, and the second is the skill that nurtures human relations through buying and selling goods/services. Digital Marketing is creating interest in potential prospects with the help of technology. It is a skill in itself, and as the technologies/devices vary, the strategy changes accordingly.

Consumers from all over the world can analyze and choose the brand and make a purchase online. It makes the 5 Ds a virtual media platform for developing and deploying digital marketing strategies. Online presence is now a priority in digital marketing, and the 5 Ds play an essential role in this.

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1. Digital Devices

Many digital devices can access digital services. As they interact with corporate websites or mobile apps, audiences can interact with them via many connected devices. Many people prefer to use their smartphones over their desktop or laptop computers. More than 67 per cent worldwide own a smartphone, and 79 percent of smartphone users make frequent online purchases. It is an important point to remember when you plan your digital marketing strategy.
Following are some examples of digital devices:

Following are some examples of digital devices:

  • Laptops
  • Gaming devices
  • Mobile phones
  • Television. Customers can use these devices for constant communication with brands.

2. Digital Platforms

In a variety of ways, you can integrate digital platforms into digital marketing strategies. These platforms are crucial because they enable the internet presence to reach a wider audience. They allow them to search for deals and learn about products as well as to use the products. Learn more about your clients and their past purchases. A browser allows for the creation of interaction between customers and companies. Social media platforms are the best way to reach your target market. You can use many browsers and programs to do this, but it is best to choose the most widely used ones for you to reach the most significant number of people.

The digital platforms offer a variety of browsers and apps, including:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

3. Digital Media

Digital media is all about the content. Do have an online presence that showcases the material allows people to reach out and learn more about products, offers, and promotions. Communication options include email, video, messaging, e-commerce, and software. Your choice of platform can impact the way you communicate digitally with your customers. This type of digital media allows you to reach many potential customers interested in your brand or product. It includes owned and sponsored communication channels that help develop interaction with the target audience in various ways.

  • Email marketing
  • Messaging
  • Search engines
  • Social media

4. Digital Data

Digital data is the fourth D in digital marketing, and it is the result of the three Ds before. It includes all the learning needed to convince potential clients to buy your products or services. It is important to remember that users’ information is confidential and protected by law. Data is collected digitally through landing pages, forms, and apps. It helps businesses reach their target audience to increase sales, brand awareness, product launches, and future sales.

These are just a few examples of digital data collection methods.

  • Contact us via the website
  • App installation
  • Contests
  • Surveys
  • Sign up for an event

5. Digital Technology

Customers prefer to use more user-friendly technology and address their needs rather than traditional technology for human contact. Digital technology is any digital tool, device, instrument, or resource that creates or processes data. Examples of digital technology include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data. Digital technology aims to provide interactive capabilities that you can use on multiple platforms.

Post Pandemic Possibilities

  • As #WFH has proven itself to be a saviour in the times when leaving our homes was near to impossible, it was this technology that kept us connected. Sure there has been a loss of human touch for some time, but human connections have strengthened anyways.
  • It is becoming the first touch of contact for most businesses to flourish. It is the first stepping stone. Strategic and consistent marketing can make you known to the masses, which is beneficial for your database. Also, DATA is power.
  • A measurable value is directly proportional to your success rate. Digital marketing is a skill that you can measure with every second passing. If you put in constant efforts to grow big, numbers and traffic are going to show visibly.
  • Everyone prefers digital marketing as an option as offline marketing is not full-fledged available due to restrictions. It is an opportunity to set the grounds smooth as whenever offline marketing starts, your clients know whom to approach.
  • There are multiple roles in different services that digital marketing provides. Also, you can use digital marketing for any assistance. It can be selling handicrafts, or you can be someone who wants to be an influencer. You can choose your niche and work on optimal results.
  • It can be your part-time earning or a full-time business. It will pay for your bills. You are your boss, and you will have to communicate your terms well to get paid well. As long as there is an increase in electronic users, the need for digital marketing will stay relevant.

With the right strategies, this is a way to generate revenue and create value. Digital marketing is an approach that says “nothing is ‘unsaleable’ and that makes the whole world your market”.

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