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9 Effective Content Writing Tips For Beginners {tips you won’t regret reading}

If you’re a content writer, have you thought about getting trained by world-class writers such as Neil Patel, Heidi Cohen, etc.? Yes, at a point, you must have been exposed to some creative content writing tips, even if your masterclass or training included it or if you have read thousands of articles about content writing tips. Do you practice it honestly and follow the steps they ask you to do?

Most of you follow, but to the right, the top-notch content writing examples, the only key to master this art is Practice, Practice, and only Practice even though if you know all the content writing tips and tricks, it’s upon you how you use it with your creativity and talent. Like any skill, content writing gets easier with practice.

To be honest, there are no tips and tricks that are exclusive to content writing. It is just all the basic tips and tricks you must have heard from every famous content writer. It’s just how well you incorporate these tips and truly use them for your benefit. You have to write because if you won’t write and don’t make mistakes, then my friend will teach you. You have to learn from your mistakes, but it’s not possible until and unless you start writing and practicing the tips.

These are a few content writing tips for beginners to help you get started:

Point 1 – be original

Most writers love to read, and it’s obvious that reading enables us to think more and more. Sometimes when we writers write something it often happens that sometimes we might take some sentences from our fellow writers unknowingly and it is because we got inspired from them and what they wrote stayed in our mind and impacted us. But that can be risky for us writers as it’s ok to get inspired, but we cannot copy others’ written work that is not correct. So, you writers always try to write unique and original content that comes straight from your mind. These are the most important content writing tips for beginners.

Point 2 – Structure Your Article Well

A good article is made up of good content and good technique. The process of creating quality content is relatively simple whereas the good technique is a challenging task, as it often seems abstract and nuanced. A good technique can make or break an article.
Whenever we write an article, it needs to be properly sequenced. As your work creates the impression of what kind of a person you are. So, always structure and create proper sequencing of your article.

Point 3 – framework

This step is the heart of your article. This starts immediately once you are done with your research work. Framework means when you are going to start writing, you always have few points that you surely want to include in your article, and framework will help you in that it will help you to choose the right subtopics and points for your article. We should strive to create content that is engaging, informative, valuable, and helps solve people’s problems.

Point 4 – keywords

The soul of your articles is your keyword strategy, the whole purpose of writing an article is to get ranked on google search engine, but if your article doesn’t contain the right number of keywords in it, then there is no sense in writing an article. So, whenever you write an article on a certain topic, select the right long, short-medium tail keywords with proper analysis.

  It is generally accepted that longer content is rewarded with a higher search rank because it is more valuable. A minimum of 1000 words is needed in order to rank highly for a particular search engine, and it is usually between 1500 and 2500 words.

Point 5 – do not depend totally on grammar check apps

We, writers, have a deadline to manage, and if we get the tools to make our work easier, surely everyone would love it and consider using it. But we should not rely on tools because tools are tools after all, and sometimes they don’t understand the grammar, and they change it, which can change the whole meaning of that sentence. So, writers always recheck your articles even after checking them with tools because sometimes tools can also make mistakes.

Point 6 – attractive headings along with CTA's

A content writer needs to create an eye-catchy and attractive heading to gain the target audience’s attention. If you use the same old used title and headings, your audience will think you must have also written the same old stuff in your article. There is nothing new, and it’s not worth reading your article. Still, if your article has a catchy title and looks pleasing to the eyes, your readers will stick till the end and read your whole article. With this, you can also add some CTA’s because if they stick till the end, you have created some sort of impression in their minds. If you put more effort, you can pursue them well. 

Point 7 – Easy Language

Writers love to use easy to understand language with high vocabulary words in the articles. Still, we also have to think about our audience because we don’t want that in the middle of reading our article, our audience goes to google to search for the word’s meaning. So, it’s always preferable to use easy to understand language that anyone can understand because if your article is difficult to understand, then my friend won’t be able to hold that reader till the end. Another content writing tip for beginners.

Point 8 – Proofreading

This step is usually ignored by most writers. Still, it is very important because you might miss a few spelling or grammatical mistakes while writing and editing. By proofreading, you can correct it before sending it to the editor.

Point 9 – Plagiarism check

And last, Plagiarism check is the most important tip out of them you don’t know. Still, it is possible that some other writer might think similar points which you thought and must have included in your article. If your article is published before yours, even though you don’t know that you have copied it, you are liable for plagiarism, which can ruin your writing career and reputation. So, it’s always best to check your article before sending it, and for safety reasons, send the plagiarism report along with your article.

Those were some of the tips from Team Digitise today on content writing! We tried our level best to put up all the tips for content writing that can help fellow content writers out there. After reading this article you will know How to be a content writer. We can surely say if you follow these tips, you will definitely fly high. 

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