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Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive 101 Guide

If you are considering starting social media marketing for boosting and growing your business on social media, then keep Facebook at priority in your social media marketing strategy as 2.6 billion people are using it daily. It is no longer just a platform where you and we used to share our pictures, videos. How we are feeling, but over the years, Facebook has added many new features for its users to use to engage more with their audience and even monetize their Facebook profiles through them.

Statistics show that 1.8 billion people use and create Facebook groups to interact with their current existing audience to expand their brand exposure. They also use other tools of Facebook to find their potential audience whom they can convert into paying clients.

Moreover, Facebook keeps bringing more new and unique powerful tools for its users to help them generate money from it. It indicates that investing your time, energy, and money in Facebook marketing will give a long-term benefit to your business.

Today, in this article, we will let you know how you can use Facebook for marketing to get new and high-quality leads for your business so that you can earn more money. And also will share the Facebook marketing best practices with you so that you can quickly start Facebook marketing for your business.

However, before that, we would like to share some more facts related to Facebook marketing so that you can understand why marketing on Facebook is essential.

Why should you consider Facebook marketing?

Every business has a lot more to gain from Facebook, and having a Facebook page is similar to having your website. Let’s check why you should consider Facebook marketing.

1. Cost-Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

Startups or small to medium businesses have limited budgets. Marketing strategy costs thousands of dollars through other channels, whereas Facebook marketing ranges for a fraction of the cost. Larger companies planning for more extensive campaigns can try marketing concepts and themes on Facebook.

2. Customer Service

Through Facebook, you can provide the best quality customer service to your customers by constantly being in touch with them through the messages to solve their order or product queries or inform them when the new stock will arrive at your store.

3. Valuable Content

As a business owner, create and publish free valuable content on your Facebook page or group. It will turn out to be one of the best marketing tactics for your business as several experts in entrepreneurship and marketing. If you want to engage with your audience or if you want to convert your social media fans into your customers, then you should provide 70% to 80% free value through your social media posts, videos, articles, captions, and so on.

4. A shop without a website

Additionally, Facebook allows you to create and launch your online store Facebook via the Facebook shop feature. You can list your products and collections and start selling instantly even without having a website.

5. Facebook Targeting

With Facebook marketing, you can target a better audience to generate high-quality conversational leads for your business who might be interested in your products or who might be similar to your buyer persona. Moreover, with Facebook marketing, you can target local and international audiences for your products and services at the same time without much hard work and can quickly grow your business.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace at Facebook allows you to increase the visibility and reach of your business within your city. Additionally, you can generate leads via the Facebook marketplace that too free of cost.
So these were some of the benefits of Facebook marketing, and we are pretty sure that now you want to learn how you can get started with Facebook marketing, take a chill pill and keep reading the article!

How to get started with Facebook marketing?

1. Know why you want to start Facebook marketing!

There are various reasons you can start marketing on Facebook; it could be for building a social media presence for your business, getting clients, or selling your products online. It could be anything.

However, you will also agree that you just can’t get started with marketing on Facebook for the above-cited reasons. Still, there must be one solid reason which forces you to kickstart your Facebook marketing journey.

Take a paper and a pen and list down the reasons for starting Facebook marketing. After jotting down all the bases and facts, take the top three or five reasons and pick one of the most substantial reasons for getting started.

2. Align your business goals

Once you are clear about why you want to get started, align your business goals with your reason for launching your business on Facebook.
For instance, if we are planning to do Facebook marketing for our readymade caption templates, this service’s goal is to make 100 people buy our caption templates package. We should align it with our Facebook marketing strategy and plans to develop a strong marketing strategy for Facebook and our business.

3. develop a plan for your marketing startegy

facebook marketing, marketing startegy plan

After you align your business goals with your marketing goals, the next step you need to take is to develop a plan to get started.

Do some competitor analysis and know what tricks and techniques your competitors are using for their Facebook marketing campaign and take notes and references from it to draft a unique and powerful online business plan or strategy.

But don’t forget to include these two factors in your strategy.

  1. How you are going to attract the traffic organically?
  2.  How you are going to use the paid advertising for your business?

4. Create and setup your facebook page

Now, as you are done planning your marketing strategy, you should quickly start by creating a Facebook business page.

Go to the Pages section of your account, click on create a page, and follow the steps.

Even though creating a page on Facebook is super easy and can be done within a few minutes, you must keep some points or guidelines related to the creation and optimization of the page so, in the future, it’s easy for you to attract traffic organically from Facebook.

1.  You must consider the profile and cover picture of your page as a source of gaining the attention of your potential leads as when a new visitor visits your page so it is your profile and cover picture which can either make them stay on your profile or can make them leave.

Your profile and cover picture signal the visitor to let them know what your page is about, and if it’s something similar to what they are searching for, they might explore your page! So ensure to put your brand logo as your profile picture and a relevant cover picture related to your business or niche.

2. Utilize the about us section and mention short and relevant information about your business for instance, what do you do, what is the mission of your business, and so on.

Pro-tip – you can copy this information from home or about us page of your website and paste it in the page’s description section. It is as simple as that.

3. Start posting content on your page to reach out to those who have liked your page; it is similar to what you post on your account newsfeed.

Post relevant content related to your business and niche and avoid posting irrelevant things on your wall as it forces your current audience not to engage with your content. It also stops your target audience from becoming your fans.

For example, if your business is about silk sarees, your whole content strategy must only be relevant to silk sarees. However, you can produce the content in a unique form to make it interesting for your audience.

Moreover, if you post about western dresses even though you don’t sell them, it will harm your social media reputation and attract the wrong audience for your Facebook page.

You can include some of the below-mentioned content ideas within your content marketing strategy as well.

◾New product announcements 

◾Sales announcement 

◾Coupon codes 

◾Testimonial and reviews 

◾Behind the scenes 

◾Benefits of your products 

◾You can link your product pages or articles 


◾Customized and relevant videos related to your products.

There are many other things that you can add to the content strategy. Just do a little bit of research on google and keep an eye on your competitors’ marketing strategy.

4. Once you publish good enough content on your wall and once you can see the statistics that how many people liked, commented, and shared your post, analyze the results and other important information and include it within your strategy.

Pro tip – have a look at your top posts and create content related to them.

How to get traffic for your Facebook page?

1. join facebook groups

Join Facebook groups relevant to your niche and start engaging to generate more traffic, engagement, and leads for your business. Like and comment on other group members’ posts and begin developing relationships from Facebook groups to create a list of loyal and engaged audiences and customers.
Additionally, you can generate more fans and leads for your business for free by creating your group and can boost your engagement and brand exposure. Facebook groups are just like discussion or information-gathering forums, and they tend to have a very high level of engagement.

facebook marketing - facebook for business - business facebook

2. list your products in the Facebook marketplace

You can even list your products in the Facebook marketplace to generate free leads from there and to increase your brand awareness within your local community. Facebook marketplace is an excellent tool for e-commerce businesses to use for generating sales and revenue. Through it, you can make them visible to the Facebook audience to search for them.
You can even create your Facebook shop, where you can list your products and collections and make it easy for your audience to purchase from you.
By the way, did you know that you can even add your Facebook shop as a call-to-action button on your page?

3. Explore facebook marketplace

You can explore the Facebook marketplace to see the job openings within your city or list a job opening at your store or company to find potential and hard-working candidates who can help you make your business successful.

4. Facebook ADs

Over the years, Facebook has emerged as one of the hottest places to run advertisements to promote businesses and brands by providing various tools for targeting the right audience. You can start promoting your business through the Facebook ad based on location, age, education, level, interests, and types of devices. You can run the ads on a cost-per-impression basis or cost per click as well.

There is a wide range of categories available within the ads section; you can choose the best option for the type of Facebook campaign which you are planning to launch. If you want to generate leads, you can select the lead generation campaign, or if you want others to like and comment on your posts, you can do it by using the boosting feature.

Ensure to do a little bit of competitive research when planning your ads campaign to develop a solid and perfect strategy.

You can even customize your Facebook ads campaign and target a specific group of audience, location.

Use mesmerizing images in your ads -If you use eye-catching, bright, and colorful pictures in your ads, they pull the attention and make them noticeable. Try using images of happy people using your products.
You can even set daily ad budgets for your ad.

Facebook ads are a potent tool to promote and scale your business on Facebook.
 You should indeed try Facebook ads if you are a startup or if you want to scale your business on Facebook.

5. Install Facebook pixel

You install a code snippet on your e-commerce site to remarket products to the people who visited your site. It helps in building targeted customer audiences for future ads. It sends cookies and collects data of customers who visited your site. It enables you to have a ready customer audience whenever you decide to launch your ad campaign. It helps to increase traffic.

6. Retarget Your Audience

Almost 70% of customers usually close the cart without checking out, so retargeting them will ensure that they convert into our customers when they leave.
And this feature can also help you convert your existing audience into your forever customers rather than again and again hunting for new leads for sales and revenue.
This feature will also help you to position yourself as an expert. A perfect choice for your audience is to buy from you constantly, as most buyers tend to buy again and again from the manufacturer. Suppose you provide an outstanding customer experience and have a lot of new things for your current and new audience.

best tools for Facebook Analytics

There are many inbuilt tools, but a few tools can give better results than the inbuilt tools when analyzing your Facebook marketing strategies and easily support Facebook.
The best part about these tools is that they are accessible in the starting and if you like them, you can also buy them.

1. Facebook Page Barometer

This software helps you determine how many people have liked your page and enables you to compare your page with the other pages curated by your competitors to fix up the shortcomings from your end and work more effectively to attract more audiences.

In the Facebook page barometer, you can view the fifty last posts of your competitors or those who have a similar page to analyze their reach, likes, comments, and so on.

Additionally, suppose you would like to get more insights on the performance of your posts. In that case, you can make Facebook engagement benchmarks from the Facebook barometer part of your monthly or weekly performance report.

2. Fanpage karma

It is an online tool for social media analytics and monitoring. It provides valuable insights on posting strategies and the performance of your Facebook page, youtube channel, and Instagram account.


So, after reading this article, we hope that we were able to make you understand why you should consider keeping Facebook marketing at the top of your social media marketing strategy. We also hope that the mentioned Facebook marketing practices will help you fully if you do them accurately. However, if you have any advice to improve this article or if you would like to get more information on Facebook marketing, then please leave your thoughts in the comments or email them to us. We shall teach them within our following topics related to Facebook marketing. And you can consider Instagram marketing in your social media strategy as well.

Comment below on any doubts, we would be happy to help.

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