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7 Hidden Canva Features You Should Try Yourself

Everyone from the field of digital marketing should at least have some basic knowledge of graphics since it can be beneficial to them, be it content development, website development, or video production. Graphic designs are required everywhere to make things look more aesthetic, captivative, engaging, and alluring. So, having a good sense of graphics designs with the proper knowledge, vision, and creativity to attract more clients is necessary.

Back then, designing visuals for social media posts to website banners was crucial without being from an art background and without experience in graphic designing.

But since the launch of Canva in 2012, it has become easy even for a layperson to design perfect visuals to attract the audience’s attention and convert them into leads. Many pre-made design templates can be customized at our convenience within a few minutes to make an outstanding graphic visual. Canva has become one of the most popular and easy graphic design software for graphic design by various features like filtering the images, layouts, illustrations, and much more.
Today, we will share some of our secret tips and tricks for the Canva app, which will be a game-changer for you guys, and take your graphic designs to take it up a notch.

So, it’s time to reveal the seven hidden Canva features that you can use to add more creativity to your designs and set up a robust vision for your website or any other digital media platform.

1. Background Remover

Visuals or graphics impact the reader’s mind as they help them retain information more efficiently. Also, they can force the visitor of your website or social media page to check out the other content on your platform. They can cause a visitor to leave the page due to the non-attractive design and layout of the graphic.

For example, you must have a plain background for your job’s id card, but you have a photo out in the sun. How are you going to remove that? Here is where the background remover of Canva feature comes to your rescue.
With the help of a background remover, you can easily edit and change the background from the sun to your desired background to enhance your picture’s quality and background.

Let’s see, step by step.

step 1

Open the Canva app, select your project and add the picture you want to insert.

canva features

step 2

Now, after you have selected the picture of which you want to remove the background, go to effects.


step 3

After selecting the effects, you can see background remover on top left, click on that and wait to see the magic. Set the picture where you want to. VOILA!!! And you are done.

canva features

2. Keywords (for photos and elements)

Choosing keywords can be a tricky part of Canva features. Being an avid user of Canva, selecting elements and photos can be tricky because we search details in the search bar. There are thousands of available features, making it hard to choose the right one that will enhance our graphic design.

Choosing the right keyword will boost your search by dispelling the available events in the canvas app. Choosing the right keyword will suggest to you only the particular details that will perfectly match your situation.

Let’s take an example here; if you want to search numbers but in 3-D in the photos section of the canvas app, you are using the keyword in the search bar – Numbers. You are most likely to get thousands of forms of numbers, but it would be time-consuming as you have to look for the perfect one. So, here is a shortcut for you. Type 3-D Numbers in the search bar, and you will get your desired picture in much less time.

That means keywords can play a significant role in finding the correct elements or photos for your projects.

canva features
Here, you can see there are multiple options for the keyword “NUMBERS” and you have to scroll a lot for the perfect picture.
canva features
Here, you can see a lot of pictures of 3-D numbers available as you have searched with the correct keyword, which will save your time with less scrolling.

Takeaway: Secret Codes for Elements

Everyone loves to find shortcuts for their work. Making graphics continuously for hours can be very hectic then; selecting elements that suit best with list graphics is an even more tedious process as Canva has a vast list of the features. So, here are these cheat codes in Canva that will only show you free elements and shorten your list and save lots and lots of your time. We feel this to be one of the fantastic canvas features.

So here you go with the cheat codes!

  • brand: BADOKQ7rDcQ
  • brand: BACQlb3VYbQh
  • brand: BAB3aHwd-Ec
  • brand: BACtcUNeEMA
  • brand: BAAQhe-f-BM
  • brand:BAAMOuJH0Ec
canva features

3. Group Elements

You often might have faced this issue that when your post has too many elements, a single change or movement of one component can disturb the whole post. Due to the shifting of a single component, you have to reshift all the details to align them so that they don’t look shabby, but arranging all the pieces all over again can sometimes cost you deadlines. So, to save your time and effort, the Canva app has this fantastic feature, which is grouping elements.
You can select all the elements by clicking ctrl + A together, and then there is an option present in the right top corner – “GROUP,” or you can find it by clicking the three dots present at the top right corner. Then you can click on it, and it will group all the selected elements and make it a single group element.

4. Custom Charts

Canva is one of the best graphic design apps as it can be used by even people, right from students for their presentations or posters to big industries. Because of these unique Canva features, you can easily customize the charts, bar graphs, pie charts, and much more that too as per your need, which makes it a more demanding app.

step 1

Go to elements, type charts in the search bar. Then, you can select the best suitable chart for you. You can make changes and adjust them according to your needs.

step 2

Go to elements, type charts in the search bar. Then, you can select the best suitable chart for you. You can make changes and adjust them according to your needs.

canva, charts

5. Canva Animator

Sometimes it happens that when you are designing your social media posts or perhaps a graphic for your website, an extra fun element seems to be missing in it.

To add more fun to your design, you can use the animations feature, which is available in canvas that will not only make it exciting but make it look alive and will leave a powerful impact on your reader’s mind. It is already proved that graphics have higher retention power but imagining moving graphics will have an even more significant impact. You can animate both pages and elements.

Let’s see how to do it. Once you have finished with the project, click on the “ANIMATE” button. After clicking on it, a menu with the page animation option will open. Then, you can select where you want to put the animation, choose the type of animation, and you are good to go!


6. Style Transfer

One of the most underrated features of the Canva app, to which people don’t pay attention, is style reference. This feature can take our designs up a notch and has a lot of capability to attract a large audience.

With this feature, we can create different styles for that one single picture with a computerized vision. It can also make your picture look painted, dual-tone, pop, and whatnot.

Let’s see this step by step. Select the picture you want to affect. Then, click the option “effects.” Choose the effect as per your preference. And voila! It is Done.


7. Color Wheel

One of the essential tools is the colors for graphic designers. They can showcase their skills uniquely because every designer has different ideas and plays differently with colors.

The color tools came into light in 1666, and Newton Issac was the one behind them. He was the first person who put the specs on the circle, which now is known as “COLOR WHEEL.” Colour Theory is the coordination of different colors that would look good when put together.

For designing, the RGB color wheel that Red, Green, Blue is generally used for computerized mixing, and the Canva app also has this color wheel.

With this color wheel, you can quickly bring your colorful imagination into reality by creating color combinations. You can easily enhance your graphics with cool and warm tones. You will also learn how to infuse color with your graphics, so yea! It’s a win-colorful one.

summing up

So, here is the list of hidden Canva features. Shh! We have tried to put up our most valuable knowledge regarding Canva. Especially for our audience, we have taken extra efforts and added step by step process for each feature. So, when you try them, you do not face any difficulties while trying these features out. We hope that these features mainly help you too in some or another way. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to comment below, and we wouldn’t hesitate to solve your questions.

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