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Instagram Marketing: A Comprehensive 101 Guide

Initially, Instagram was a social network platform where people posted their photos and videos. Still, over the years, Instagram has been on top of social media since its inception in 2010, and ever since that, Instagram has never stopped conquering the hearts of people. It is becoming more and more successful in the coming years, and Instagram marketing has become an essential aspect of marketing strategy today.
Now, if you see you, it jumped from personal branding to different marketing aspects. Instagram has invited and given place to various fields apart from personal branding like entrepreneurs, small businesses, etc., and you must be amused to know that all are running successfully. There is no shortage of clients for anyone only if you know how to use Instagram correctly. It attracted people who loved to share their life. And with the evolution, Instagram also upgraded its features like IGTV, reels, stories, etc., which has also started attracting more and more people.

what exactly is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is a part of social media marketing. Businesses use the Instagram platform to introduce their brand, product, or services to their customers. It has seen popularity as a platform to connect to its audience, market its offering, share its culture, show its brand, and engage its customer.

Instagram users create a profile on Instagram and share their photos and videos; post comments, likes, and dislikes, follow and unfollow, and exchange messages. You can post stories that stay for 24 hours or reels, which are 15 seconds short videos, and one can do their shopping from e-commerce sites on the app.

Not only this, on Instagram, brands and businesses can also buy/sell their products or services and get connected to the audience directly with no significant investment in the starting and involvement of the middleman or confusions and frauds.

Being in marketing, we also need to plan a few strategies to work according to the algorithm. What is an algorithm? It analyses your choice of posts and only shows you posts with high chances of getting liked by you.

So, it’s on you how you decide to attract your target audience by keeping all these things in your mind.

Why Should You consider Instagram Marketing?

1. Can reach with a LOT of people

As per Instagram, their social media has more than 1 billion active users. Out of those billions of users, it has been seen that 500 million users are seen every day using Instagram. Imagine if there are so many eyes on Instagram that one can create a successful business venture with proper strategy.

2. All businesses can thrive

Instagram has become an important place for businesses because of the massive database of users. Companies can create brand awareness and target their audience by their active presence and making at least one post per day with so many users to choose from. Every type of business can find its target audience using proper analytics, decide whom to target and apply strategies to reach higher.

3. a face to your brand

Instagram is used as a visual platform to make personal connections with the audience and share pictures and videos of team members and happy customers to keep the audience engaged. A visual outlook shows the uniqueness of your brand and differentiates it from others.
As well as it also builds trust in the brand as there is a human face representing it, which can create more significant impacts because online, nobody gets to know the brand face, and many people have trust issues as well. It acts like a personal touch, and the audience can relate to you in a much better way.

4. storytelling!

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to showcase your creative skills to market the products or services of your brand, but you can also show your inside stories, and people also love stories. You not only engage with your audience but can also instantly increase your reach. On Instagram stories, you can easily keep updating your audience with what’s going on in your business, what you are feeling, etc. They will quickly get connected with you.

How to get started with instagram marketing?

Now, you must be eager to know how you can start your Instagram journey. Let’s see this step by step. We have curated 8 steps to quickly create Instagram marketing for your brand and handle it as well.

1. Select Your Niche

Before launching and kickstarting your business on Instagram, you need to know your niche, i.e., what you want to do and how you want to do it.
Select a niche for your business or services which you are going to launch on Instagram. It could be starting a clothing store online or offering a 1-1 consultancy to small business owners.

2. Identify Your target audience

Now, as you are crystal clear with what you are going to do, it’s time for you to do a quick research related to it to know its demand within the Instagram platform, success ratio and so on.

After completing your research, take a paper and a pen and start structuring a buyer persona.

What is a buyer persona?

It’s a fictional character which you create in order to represent a user type for your brand, business or product in a similar way to get a clarity on what kind of clients you want to attract or to know who is your ideal client.

Creating a buyer persona allows you to choose the right person as your client and it saves a lot of time on choosing your target audience.

3. Develop Instagram Marketing Strategy

Once you have completed the structure of your ideal buyer persona, it’s time for you to develop an Instagram marketing strategy for your businesses from scratch for your ideal clients to convert them into your paying customers, to generate more traffic to your page, to expand the brand exposure within Instagram and much more.
A good marketing strategy keeps you focused on your goals and saves your precious energy as well.

4. Build your Goals and align them with your strategy

Set goals for your business and align them with your Instagram marketing strategy.

For instance, your business goal is to get 100 customers within the first three months of your business launch on Instagram, so you should inculcate this with your Instagram marketing plan so that the actions which you take within your marketing strategy indirectly helps you to achieve your business goals as well at the time.

5. Make a content calendar

Curate a content calendar for your business so that you share the right content with your Instagram family in order to nurture them so that they can become your paying clients and also to entertain and retain them as your audience.

6. Set up a Instagram account and optimize it

Before setting up everything identify which type of Instagram account you want to start it can be personal branding or a business account then, according to it, plan your strategies. But these few strategies given by us can be used for both. But If you wish to get personalized strategies according to your business, you can always fill our form below.

What’s Instagram profile optimization? 

The profile optimization is a process where in you perform a set of activities to make your profile visible organically within the search engines of Instagram to be discoverable to your target audience. 

Moreover, optimizing your profile allows you to shape your page accurately so that those people who visit your page are forced to hit the follow button to know more about you and your business. 

How do you optimize?

◼️ Put a relevant picture as your Instagram display picture which clearly tells that who are you to your page audience, perhaps the logo of your business or brand. 

◼️ Insert a keyword related to your niche within your username so that it’s easy for your target audience to be aware of your page and to land on it. 

For example, if you are a business coach and your Instagram page is related to it, then put “business coach” keyword with your Instagram username. 

◼️ Draft a bio which gives clear information to your audience about your business. 

But include these four points within it. 

> Designation ( what is your profession) 

> Credibility, ( your expertise and your achievements) 

> Mission ( what you intend to do through your page or business) 

> Call to action ( to call them to your new offer, sale and so on.) 

◼️ Add Instagram story highlights regarding your business, products, services and so on. 

7. Start Posting

Once you have set up your account, start creating and posting content religiously when your audience is most effective. Constantly develop a good caption for your post that best describes it. Also, include branded and relevant hashtags every time you post.

You can check more about this in the next section of this article. You can start posting multiple times to know when your audience is active, or you can just go and click on the live session feature within your Instagram account, there it will show you how many of your followers are active, and based on that, you can choose your time.

8. Audit Your instagram account

After posting content and connecting with people, start auditing your Instagram account, right from displaying pictures to your content strategy and noting down where you are making mistakes, and search for or consult an expert for relevant solutions to fix your existing issues.

How to get traffic for your instagram account?

1. Create Attractive captions and use relevant hashtags

It has been seen that lovely photos with good captions can pull people’s attention. The captions give you a chance to add descriptions or details of the video or image that you are sharing. And you can also add some value bombs in the captions and make your photos or videos more engaging by asking the audience’s opinion or something related to the post.

Captions should not be too long, probably not more than 2000 characters. Try to play with different lengths to pair with photos indeed, and a short caption can be used with a few emojis or stickers, and some images can have extended reflective captions. Make them interactive and informative simultaneously, which holds your audience’s attention and forces them to follow your account. 

Hashtags are primarily used on Instagram, whereas rarely seen on other social media platforms. Hashtags can showcase your image to the audience and use hashtags that appeal to the target audience. There are free Instagram tools like Display Purposes and Autohash, which can help you find relevant hashtags for your Instagram post. Using hashtags makes content discoverable via filtering or search.

2. instagram stories

One of the most popular features of Instagram, which is like a secret weapon if used correctly, is stories. You can put as many stories as you want to, which stays on the profile for 24 hours only, and people can get directed to your Instagram page by stories. You can use stickers, posts, swipe up links on stories, and if you are lucky, your story might get featured and attract many people. You can also conduct mini-training sessions in stories and use polls to know what is going in the audience’s mind and ask them what they want to see more in your stories.

3. instagram live

This is one of the unique features where the account owner can come live and talk to people, interact with them, provide them with the information or solve queries. You can also get traffic as when you are giving more live sessions more, and more people get attracted as in today’s world everyone is interested in each other’s lives, and sometimes people also visit because there they can talk to people where nobody’s going to judge as everyone is a stranger. Also, engaging with your audience gives you clear views about them.

4. instagram IGTV and reels

As an owner, you can also create IGTV and Reels, which can be saved, and by putting relevant captions, descriptions, and hashtags can make them reach many people and get more viral. At the same time, it can increase your traffic and make it easier for you to judge which of your content is getting a good response and which one a lousy response, and then you can create content that your audience likes the most because when you provide value in your reels and IGTV audience tend to share it which can boost your reach. You can also remix your reels with other famous personalities and get traffic.

5. Collaborate with fellow Influencers

Instagram is a place where people can support each other by collaborating with each other, giving shoutouts on the pages and informing people how they can help. As more and more you collaborate, you are getting more and more audience and attention.

6. Alt text on Instagram posts

Alt-text is a description that identifies the content of an image and allows screen readers to describe your photos to blind and visually impaired users. Instagram uses object recognition technology to automatically describe your posts. This is a unique tip that very few users know. So, using this, you can attract a visually impaired audience as well.

Summing Up

So, all in all, keep all these things in your mind and bringing them to your use. One can quickly establish their brand on Instagram if used correctly and intelligently. And you can include Facebook marketing in your strategy as well. If you need any assistance regarding Instagram marketing, you can connect with us, and we will make sure you get your solutions.

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