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A Beginner’s Guide To Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking for another digital marketing technique to grow your business online apart from social media and content marketing? Then our friend, SEO (search engine optimization), will be a perfect helping tool for you.

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is assumed to be the backbone of digital marketing and is one of the most substantial reasons people start marketing on digital marketing platforms for their businesses, leaving the traditional marketing tactics and practices.

However, being a newbie to online marketing, it might be hard for you to understand SEO and its benefits properly, just like other digital marketing learners and other business owners when they started the journey of SEO for their venture.

So to help you out, today in this guide, we will let you know everything about Search Engine Organization, why you should start optimizing your website, and the best Search Engine Organization practices that you can apply to your business for scaling your digital business.

Let’s begin to explore the world of Search Engine Organization from the beginning because it’s easy to understand the whole concept of Search Engine Organization from the start.

Search Engine Optimization Definition

Search Engine Organization stands for search engine optimization. It is a part of ranking high on a search engine without investing thousands of dollars in paid advertising, commonly known as an organic tactic to attract new traffic from the search engine.

It is a process of optimizing your digital content. A search engine loves to show the content in the top position when searching for a particular keyword or searching for something similar to what you provide in the digital world.
Want more clarity? Then keep on reading.

In search engine optimization, there’s you, the search engine, and the searcher.
For instance, if you have an article about ten ways to make money for housewives this 2021 and if you want the search engine to show as a top result when someone is searching or searches for the phrase” how housewives can earn money.”

Search Engine Optimization is a spray you need to spray on your article and website to make Google interested in showcasing your piece in the first position in the search results.

Now, as it’s apparent to you what a search engine is, let’s know why it is essential to illustrate a better picture of Search Engine Organization.

Why Is SEO Important?

What does SEO spray magic look like, and why is it vital for you to use it?

1. We all know that most online experiences start with a search engine, as nearly 75% of searchers start their search on Google.
Now combine this with the first five results of a search getting 67% of all clicks? How amazing and how many quality leads and traffic must those businesses receive from the search engine?

2. The monthly search volume distribution is 1.8 billion, meaning your business has considerable success potential if you implement the SEO accurately.

3. Organic search traffic is like a home, whereas paid advertising is like a hotel where you can stay just for some time. Once you stop investing your money, time and efforts in paid advertising, you will stop receiving traffic, sales and online fame, whereas organic traffic can sustain. So, in simple terms, SEO is a powerful and excellent tool to use if you want to generate passive income in a flow.

SEO Benefits

  1. There’s a massive ratio of making your website visible organically in the search engines and attracting tons and tons of free traffic of high quality.
  2. Helping in optimizing the user experience provides a valuable reason for your website visitors to keep coming to your website repeatedly.
  3. You have the accessibility to promote your website 24/7, even without running an ad campaign.
  4. With SEO, every time you have the chance to reach a new audience with your existing audience.
  5. Improves the Credibility and trust within your visitors; thus, it is easy for you to strengthen your bond with them.
  6. The better the SEO is, the more chances your future ad campaigns will be successful.

How does Google Search Engine Work?

At the moment, you must be wondering that “yes, seo is fantastic, but it’s hard as well to be able to rank up on the first page of Google. And if you rank on the second or third page of Google, you won’t be able to gain the benefits of seo, and it is equivalent to not ranking within the search engine at all”.

Before making a whole platter of giving up and not taking your online sales up a notch from this single thought, you first need to understand how the search even works to show your website or niche in the search engine results.
Google keeps guarding their search algorithm very well, and not all the 200 determining factors are public.

There are two sides to an SEO team, and you must choose your team for the SEO game.

White hat SEO vs Black hat SEO

search engine optimization, Black vs White Hat SEO

Since you all know how long we are in the entrepreneurial game rather than just trying to get quick results and treasures from it. Likewise, some get their benefits quickly with search engine optimization, and some are in it for the long haul. If you want SEO to give you instant benefits, you will probably end up doing black hat SEO.

It is a type of SEO which only focuses on optimizing your content for the search engines without considering the humans. Additionally, there are many other irrelevant and illegal ways of ranking your site in the search engine, but this is one of the prime ways in black hat SEO to quickly make a few thousand dollars.
On the other hand, this technique makes your pages spammy and creepy, and they often get banned very fast, which can cause significant harm to your business as an owner or to your future as a marketer.
It might get easy for you to earn 6-7 figures through this technique, but you need to continuously look for the search engine update and develop new tactics to dodge the rules.

Whereas in white hat SEO, you will focus on the human audience, and it’s the way to build a sustainable online business. With this technique, you will give your level best to provide your audience with the best content as much as possible and to make it easily accessible for them to grab their hands on it just by playing according to the search engines rules.

At present, you must be thinking that” alright, this is the difference between blackhat and white hat SEO, but what are they?
So to get your answer refer to the below-attached image.
Moving further, it might seem that if we have the powerful weapon of “white hat SEO”, we will make money quickly and legally. But unfortunately, it’s not that easy because we don’t have black and white in our life.
The same goes for SEO; there’s something between the white hat SEO and black hat SEO that we need to address.

It is grey hat SEO, which is little black and little white just like how its name applies, which also indicates that it’s not pure as the whitest of the white hats and is not egregiously manipulative as how black caps can be.
You aren’t trying to fool someone or to play with the system intentionally with a grey hat, but you are just trying to get a purposeful advantage from it.
However, you need to understand that the standards of Google aren’t as clear cut as they would like you to believe; frequently, they might even say contradictory things as well.

For instance, Google states that it’s not a fan of guest blogging to build links.
But what if you do guest blogging to build awareness about your brand and grow awareness about it? Or to generate high-quality traffic to your blog and to become a household name in your industry?

These are legitimate reasons to do guest blogging and why we recommend it to you. It’s what makes online marketing so fun and exciting.
Moreover, SEO keeps changing all the time as the rules are often ill-defined. And the “SEO rules”, which we know are just the predictions of the SEO experts or their analysis of the data trends.

Hence there is so much space for the grey hat to come in.

Types of SEO

On-site SEO, also referred to as on-page SEO, is a type of SEO for optimizing the website content such as the headers, meta description, keywords images and much more. 

In simple words, it’s like the inner interior of your digital house. 

  In addition to this, there are some other activities, which are one in on-page SEO.

They are ;

  1. Alt tag optimisation – wherein you optimize the blog post’s images to generate quality traffic via them. 
  2. URL optimization – You optimize the blog post’s URL to provide a great user experience to your visitors and let google know what’s there on the page. 
  3. Meta captions – You make a short caption regarding what the page is about to make it easy for the readers to know what the information or page is actually.

Benefits Of On-Page SEO

  1. Advanced crawl rate 
  2. Boosts organic traffic 
  3. Increases conversion and earning rate 

Off-page SEO is about creating brand awareness and exposure for a brand outside the site.

Moreover, off-page SEO helps generate additional traffic for the blog and website and send quality signals to the Google algorithm. The audience trusts you, which allows you to boost your search engine ranking.

Some of the things which are in off-page SEO are :

  1. Guest posting, where you publish your articles on on others website to generate traffic and exposure for your website. 
  2. Influencer outreach – You connect with the bloggers and influencers of your industry and ask them to either review your website or article and to include it with their website to provide a backlink to you. 
  3. Sharing info graphics – You create info graphics based on the facts of a particular thing in your niche and then distribute it on the top platforms to generate traffic and to boost your visibility.

Benefits Of Off-Page SEO

  1. Boosts your page rank. 
  2. It helps your website position higher in the SERPS hence attracting high-quality traffic for your website.
  3. The higher your level is, the more traffic you get due to links, social media mentions etc.

This type of SEO is different from the SEO, as mentioned earlier. In this, you perform specific actions to help the search engine crawl your website.
Technical SEO keeps evolving due to the continuous updates within the search engines.

To ensure that there aren’t any problems due to which Google can’t crawl your website, you need to make efficient efforts to prevent your website from troubleshooting errors in the present and the future. 

Checklist for technical SEO. 

  1. The speed of the website is continuously optimized to provide a hassle-free user experience to the website visitors.
  2. It is mobile-friendly because many people are switching from desktop to mobile.
  3. The site is according to the necessities of the visitors.

Benefits Of Technical SEO

  1. It examines the Backlinks to boost your rankings and uses internal linking structures to promote your Web pages.
  2. It offers a faster web page load which means a great user experience for your visitors.
  3. It improves your website position with semantic optimization and prevents thin content.

4. Local SEO

It’s a variation of SEO that focuses on a particular area rather than on the whole nation. It increases the visibility and reach of your online business within your local community and promotes your services and products to the local customers of your region.

Moreover, your Google search engine ranking depends on your Google my business profile.

It is where you enter your business hours, a description about what you do, reviews of your clients and some fantastic pictures of your products, services or office.

The search engine results pages look at proximity, relevance and prominence based on the user search query. Then they select your business to show to them in the search results if you meet the requirements and guidelines of Google my business.

Benefits Of Google My Business

  1. It’s free 
  2. It’s highly targeted 
  3. You have a great chance to rank locally as only 44% Business claim their Google my business listing. 

We will be covering the remaining topics in the second part of the guide. So stay tuned for that, and we hope that this guide helps you in your SEO journey.

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