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6 Unique Blog Ideas To Make Your 2021 Posts Better!

Blogging is a piece of writing. It can be formal or informal about specific information you have and would like to share with the world and is self-posted on the worldwide platform. If you want to share but don’t know what topic or niches to share, we can help you. So, step 1 defines your niche by writing short stories, blogs, or parodies. Plenty of blog ideas on the net are available. You have to choose the right blog idea, and boom, you have already completed step 2 in your blogging journey.

Now, when you have chosen unique blog ideas from the blog topics lists. Why the wait? Start writing and capture your writing experience. People have different agendas for writing a blog; some write as a pastime hobby, some want to make a living out of it, some do so to improve their writing skills, etc. Each person has different goals for doing it but with the main aim of getting traffic on the website on whichever they are posting and getting high engagements.

But, after a specific time, your audience tends to get bored if you post similar blog post ideas and lose interest. So, if you want to level up your blog game by following new trends, you should start searching for resources that will provide you with hot blog topic ideas. We have curated a list of 6 unique blog ideas for you to notch your content up.

Few resources where you can get to know about the latest trends

1. Quora

Quora is an internet site that suggests the famous top portions of content material primarily based totally on the key phrases you want. They study your predominant area of interest key phrases, observe what people respond to, and alter content material accordingly.

2. Feedly

Feedly is an RSS aggregator that allows you to get several blogs and websites relevant to your industry and keep track of them all in one place. It’s a fantastic way not only to get content ideas based on news or other blogs in your industry but also to keep an eye on your competitors.

Feedly helps you discover and arrange reasserts, in addition to clearing out matters that aren’t important, resulting in extra thoughts in your content material calendar.

3. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo is an essential tool for eavesdropping on social networks. This tool shows you what content on your topic has been shared most often on social media. When you have access to this information, you always have your finger on the pulse of your industry or topic. You can enter any phrase in a search, and in seconds you will see the most frequently shared posts on the subject. It has a free version, but the update will provide more information.

4. Social mention

If you have a keen eye on social media platforms, what are the trending hashtags, what the famous influencers are sharing, and trending memes, then these are for you? They run an analysis like what topics can create hype or get viral and come into the limelight, and accordingly, you can select your blog topics.

5. Google Trends

It is one of the most reliable free tools that anybody can use very quickly. You can analyze which keywords and topics are pretty popular and form a topic through it, and you would get a bunch of topics trending around the world.

You will surely get some mind-boggling ideas now but wait, don’t only depend on them, do some more digging on the blog topics, look at your fellow niche writers, and then find suitable keywords for your blog post idea to drive more traffic to your site. Then select the perfect topic which you feel is convenient and then start writing.

Now let’s have a look at six unique blog ideas that are in 2021’s trends.

Blog Ideas Trending In 2021

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1. Diy Blog

DO IT YOURSELF blog is the one in which you write content on things you try to do by yourself where you can always take help of resources but not from a specialized person. Let’s take an easy example: you want to give your friend a beautiful bouquet cake. People will buy it from fancy cake shops but think about what it will mean if you tell them that you did it yourself. 

1. They will be delighted and appreciative as they can see your effort.
2. You will also save lots of money and learn a new skill.

Doesn’t this sound impressive? So now you must be wondering how you can incorporate this idea with writing blogs. You can guide people and teach them to create bouquet cakes with your own experience and not like a professional, which will even connect at a deeper level with your audience where you try to be yourself and help people.

2. How to blog

“How to” blog posts guide your audience with your technique on specific blog ideas through step-by-step process tutorials. If you posted a makeup video and your followers want to know how you achieved that look. So what would you do? You would write a how-to guide blog in which you would tell all the steps that you did to achieve this look. So that when your followers want to achieve the same look, they can quickly reach it by reading and following steps accordingly.

If you are outstanding in instructing people, we suggest you only go for it because even if you cannot put even a single step correctly, that can have a massive impact on the outcome. So, only choose it when you are 100% sure. And always first check the steps before writing, and if you find it satisfying, only suggest people.

3. Parody blog

These blogs are written just to create some humor in your life. These are light-hearted content made for fun and getting very common these days as everybody is posting basic blog post ideas. Still, parody is a unique blog idea, and very few writers have this exceptional talent to convert the hottest topic into comedy. In this type of blog, you have to keep in mind that you don’t hurt anyone or their sentiments, feelings, or religion.

4. Problem-solution blog

Here, writers take famous problems from the worldwide platform, then analyze the problem and search for its possible reason. After getting to a conclusion in mind, try to help people from your side by writing about it in your blogs and telling them why it is happening and how they can solve it. Expert writers usually give these because all age grouped people search for answers on the internet today, and any wrong information can mislead them, and the person might take a wrong step.
So if you are a writer, please think clearly before writing, as many people might follow your solutions. Always keep this in your mind.

5. Review blog

These blogs are usually written by money-minded writers when they want to earn money faster than the other blogs. Writers here have to write an honest review about the product they want to sell or review some favorite products as it can be their passion. And after including all the good and bad points of the product, they should convert their audience to buy this product. If any reader buys the product after reading the blog, the writer might get some commission from an affiliate marketing source. Ensure you have tested that particular product because sometimes products don’t work as they claim to be, which can always lower your reputation in the market.

6. Short story blog

In short stories, writers try to build a story out of their creativity in which they create imaginary characters, plots, twists and turns to make it more exciting and have a grasp on the audience’s attention till the end. If you have this quality, then my friend can choose this blog idea, and if you build a series out of it, nothing can stop you from being a successful writer.

Summing Up

These were few trending blog ideas for 2021. Now it’s up to you to which blog ideas you get connected to the most and choose to write on. But trust me, you can choose any blog ideas till you feel confident about it with your complete research and knowledge.

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