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What Is Digital Marketing: Definition, Advantages And Disadvantages

As interesting as it sounds, is genuinely digital marketing worth the hype in today’s ongoing trends? And if it’s worth the hype, then one should know what Digital Marketing is! Ok, so we all know what digital means. It is anything related to online facilities that we get on laptops, TVs and computers, etc., and Marketing is publicizing, promoting, creating awareness. Selling products so together, Digital Marketing is advertising, promoting, creating awareness, and marketing products digitally or online.

Digital marketing is nothing but online marketing. In the era of computers, digital marketing has taken a significant leap. It includes the internet and digital communication. Therefore this will consist of all email, social media communications, and web advertisements.

Today's demand in marketing

Digital marketing helps in building your network and customers. In short, it is the usage of the internet to reach the customers to develop your market. Plus, today, every company in the industry wants something that can make things much more accessible then why not use it? It is the mindset because, ultimately, less employment means less salary, so it’s a win-win situation. Some of the reasons why you strongly need digital marketing in today’s world are as follows.

1. Go digital as everything is digital

In today’s generation, almost every person spends approximately 2.5 to 3 hours on the internet daily. So, today’s need for your brand to create its online presence is because nobody will tell you how to grow. You have to choose the right path yourself. Digital marketing can change your whole branding game and make your brand fly high and compete with top leading brands only if you choose the right strategies and agency to help you further digital marketing.

2. potential to Increase customer base

Once you have a robust online presence, there will be an automatic increase in your customer base. Now you are not only selling in your local area, but all over India, that means before this. You were targeting only 5% of your potential customers, but after setting up your online presence, you can target 50% of your potential customers that will buy from you, and who knows, you can also plan to conquer the world.

3. Direct communication

There is no middle man involved here. You can directly build good relations with your customers and seek their honest reviews regarding pricing, your products, and any suggestions. This quality will directly build trust for your brand in customers’ minds. As everyone wants to know the natural face behind the brands and it also gives a personal touch.

4. Increase in customer conversion rate

Having this opportunity to talk with your customers, you can easily convert them into your customers by talking to them and ensuring whatever issues they are facing in your products’ services can be resolved. In this way, you can keep the hang of your customers, which is for both the customer and the owner’s satisfaction. As long as your products have reasonable selling rates and satisfied customers, what else do you need?

5. Eye on competition

But you have an eye on your competitor without directly attacking them with your strategies and maintaining yourself reputation as a great benefit you can grab through digital marketing. You can have a healthy competition. And with this, you can also analyze your own brand’s position in the market, where you are going wrong, and how you can improve your performance.

There are different types of Digital marketing; it can be done by affiliate marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and many more. So let’s know some of the famous marketing types commonly used by industries and small businesses under a limited budget.

Few most common marketing services

1. Influencer Marketing – Influencer-based marketing where we pay commission to them for promoting our brand and services on their page. 

2. Email Marketing – It is a process where brands and businesses send certain groups of people emails related to their products and what offers they are providing or giving them a special advantage if they support their brands through promotional emails.

3. Content Marketing – The customized writing material for a product to target the audience and make them want it quickly. It focuses on how attractive a product description is, which can interest the buyer and enjoy the product.

4. Social Media Marketing – It is a process in which we create content, such as posting an image and text updates and videos about the product or services. You can promote them on social media platforms to build the brand, connect with the audience, increase sales and drive website traffic. It includes Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, etc.

So these were few types, but there are many more things to be done to make it successful with all this. For that, having a good strategy is just like today. From solving a lengthy question paper to building a successful company, we need strategic ideas that are sometimes given to us by our mentors, superiors, or people who are experts in providing strategies so that our marketing doesn’t fail.

With good ideas, we should also do some research and planning regarding services a company provides to impact our clients more.

Additionally, Can you imagine marketing giving us analytical results too! YES, with digital marketing, it is elementary for the companies to get the analytics for the services and products. It makes their work super easy as they don’t need more employees, especially for this purpose a single person can handle right from marketing to analytics, isn’t it cool.

Let us take a quick and brief look at its advantages.

The advantages of digital marketing

1. Cost-effective – You can reach the targeted audience at a low cost compared to traditional marketing.

2. Higher reach – You can get a global space in no time and with less investment.

3. Better results – Web analytics can help you measure your reach and easily track results.

4. Personalization – Your customers will have a personalized experience if they are connected to your database and get the targeted results of their choices.

5. Open new markets – Open new markets – you will get a wider audience which will open new markets for your products. It can get you new buyers as well and will help you attract new customers. 

With new campaigns, you can build your value, which will help you gain more money. Once your product gets viral, you will earn more money.

6. Conversion rates – If you have your website, it becomes easier for your customer to reach your product and buy by clicking it. Your product’s sales happen at the fingertips of the buyer.

The disadvantages of digital marketing

1. Skills and training – Many practice and skillful people are required to do this job.

2. Time-consuming – Sometimes it can be time-consuming as it will require a database and a lot of training for the people.

3. High competition – It becomes highly competitive and many sellers will be available to compare your products.

4. Complaints and feedback – All feedback and criticisms which are harmful can be available for all the users and easily accessible to all people.

Summing Up

Digital marketing will remain the most dominant in today’s age. The digital marketer must be alert, agile, intelligent, confident, and adaptive to changes to understand digital marketing. A career in online marketing is also gaining more importance; there will always be a place to grow. There is tremendous growth in this field, and Digital marketing provides unique opportunities for marketing to increase your sales.

So, after knowing digital marketing inside out and our analysis, we recommend the best for our audience as we don’t want them to make mistakes and suffer. So, we would highly suggest that you hire a digital marketing agency if you are planning for digital marketing. Do not compromise here, as once your reputation goes down; it becomes pretty difficult to gain the trust again. You can easily find many agencies, or else you can also check out our website for digital marketing services. 

If you have any queries regarding digital marketing, comment below, and we would be more than happy to serve you. We are a digital marketing agency as well. With help of Digitise Today, get the best out of your business. We will be looking forward to your comments.

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